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The Digitally Savvy Principal: How Principals can use Social Media for Family Engagement and Professional Growth

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86th Annual Virginia Middle and High School Principals Conference and Exposition
June 23 – June 26, 2013

Presented by:
Travis Burns, Ed.D
Principal of Northumberland High School
Northumberland County Public Schools

To build knowledge and understanding of how social media may be used for the purposes of professional growth, celebrating school successes, engaging parents and families, and shaping conversations about public education.

This presentation focuses on how school leaders may develop and leverage the power of a professional learning network (PLN) for the purposes of professional growth, celebrating school successes, engaging parents and families, and shaping conversations about public education. Participants will gain a working knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media resources.

Benefits of Social Media
• Cost-effective
• Improve school to home communication
• Anywhere
• Anytime
• Model responsible digital citizenship behavior for teachers, parents, and students
• Professional growth
• Ideas/feedback

Tools of Family Engagement and Professional Growth

• Facebook
• Google+
• Flipboard
• Google Docs
• Zite
• Dropbox
• Hootsuite
• Storify
• Linkedin
• WordPress
• Paper.li
• Diigo
• Piktochart
• Prezi
• YouTube
• Wordle
• Ning
• Edmondo
• Slideshare
• Educreations
• Tumblir
• Flickr
• Pinterest

Benefits of Twitter
Connect with professionals, share resources/ideas, obtain feedback, participate in real-time professional development, professional networking.

Twitter Educational Hashtags
Hashtags are words beginning with the #(hash) symbol to mark keywords or topics. Words that are hashtagged may be searched using most search engines.

Listing of Educational Chats and Hashtags
• #BYOTchat (Bring Your Own Technology Chat)
• #CAedchat (California Education Chat)
• #cpchat (Connected Principals Chat)
• #edchat (Education Chat)
• #edtech (Education Technology)
• #GAed (Georgia Education)
• #NCed (North Carolina Education)
• #ntchat (New Teacher Chat)
• #NYedchat (New York Education Chat)
• #ptchat (Parent Teacher Chat)
• #MIched (Michigan Education)
• #suptchat (Superintendent Chat)
• #VAchat (Virginia Chat)
• #ILedchat (Illinois Education Chat)

Follow and/or participate in Twitter chats in real-time using any of the following social media streaming tools:
• Hootsuite
• TweetChat
• TweetDeck
• Twubs

Educators to follow on Twitter:
• @Cybraryman1
• @NMHS_Principal
• @RickWormeli
• @Larryferlazzo
• @JustinTarte

Benefits of Facebook:

➢ Public Relations
➢ Family engagement
➢ Celebrate group and individual successes
➢ School announcements
➢ Data regarding what external audiences value

Benefits of Linkedin:

➢ Professional Portfolio
➢ Connect with professionals through service organizations such as NEA, NASSP, and NAESP
➢ Access to quality professional development literature (e.g., Wall Street Journal, EdWeek, TeacherWeek)
➢ Career advancement

Social Media Aggregators
Collect and share content (blogs, articles, stories, audio, and photos) from multiple social network sites.

• Flipboard
• Zite
• Mashable
• Digg
• Google+
• Scoop.it


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