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Honoring a Great Teacher

ImageSpeech given at the William & Mary Botetourt Alumni Society Teacher of the Year Dinner – March 9, 2013

Coach Daly (W&M Soccer Coach), Do we say, Go Griffins?! or Do we say, Go Tribe?!  As a W&M alumnus, I gather that it is ok for me to ask this question.

I am delighted to be here with you tonight to celebrate the accomplishments of Page Middle School teacher and W&M Botetourt Alumni Society Teacher of the Year, R. Manifold.  Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.  Before I begin the words that I have prepared for tonight’s occasion -I actually wrote them on my cell-phone during the drive here tonight just in case I was asked to share a few remarks- I must say to you that I found tonight’s treasurer report to be rather interesting.  The Botetourt Society spent more than it earned this year.  I gather that this fact qualifies the Botetourt Society as a government.  Congratulations!

Allow me now to share with you a few words about R. Manifold.

Great teachers go above and beyond the call of duty -day in and day out.  They volunteer.  They join committees.  They tutor students after school hours. They mentor new teachers.  They provide input into the day-to-day operations of the school.

Great teachers do not admire problems, they do something about problems.

Great teachers understand that establishing positive relationships with students is sometimes more important than the content they are entrusted to teach.

These are the attributes of R. Manifold and she is the epitome of a great teacher.  In April of 2011, her classroom was destroyed by the tornado that decimated many parts of our county including Page Middle School.  Like many Page teachers, R. Manifold lost everything—-instructional materials and personal belongings.  This tragic event was certainly a set back for our school and our community.  Like so many individuals in our community, R. Manifold did not allow this set back to deter her.  With steadfast determination she worked tirelessly to make certain that this set back became a set up for a comeback for Page Middle School.

R. Manifold has made an indelible mark on those she works with -students and teachers alike. Through her service, commitment, and leadership contributions as an active member of our learning community Page Middle School is once again on the path to greatness.  R. Manifold’s service includes:

Page Middle School Design team
Page Middle School Robotics sponsor
Page Middle School Science Bowl sponsor
Response-to-Intervention (RtI) coordinator
Effective School wide Discipline (ESD) team
Gloucester Education Association (GEA) representative

I admire R. Manifold for her love of teaching and learning , her enthusiasm, and her leadership.  R. Manifold is a positive individual and great teacher.  She represents the best that Page Middle School has to offer.

It is my honor to stand before you tonight to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of R. Manifold.  R. Manifold, thank you for being great.  Thank you for being a part of Page Middle School.  Please come forward at this time to be recognized for your accomplishments.

Travis Burns, Ed.D.


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