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Infographics: Communication of Critical Information in Schools

photoIDisseminating information is an important function of school officials.  However, school officials must be careful not to drown teachers in too much information. Information overload can create feelings of anxiety while reducing teacher creativity and productivity. School officials should strive to make information easy to consume for teachers.  Infographics provide school officials with a powerful means of engaging teachers and promoting information retention. Every Monday for the past two years I have sent out an email bulletin to my teachers that establishes a focus for the week while also highlighting important dates and deadlines. Though I am quite certain that my teachers read the bulletin, I am also quite certain that many of them do not retain the information shared. Since learning about infographics I have scrapped email bulletins for Piktochart, Easel.ly, and Info.gram to create visually stimulating representations of critical information. Thus far, the response from teachers has been quite favorable.


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