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Virginia General Assembly Legislative Session 2013 – Bills Related to Student Discipline


The 2013 Virginia General Assembly session promises to be an interesting one with respect to increasing student rights, especially the rights of students who are suspected of violating school codes of conduct.  The following list highlights bills related to student discipline that will be considered during the upcoming 2013 Virginia General Assembly session.  

  • SB 168 proposes to eliminate surveillance cameras on public school campuses for purposes of monitoring student conduct.
  • HB 544 proposes to prohibit public schools from long-term suspending students who exhibit disorderly conduct and/or disruptive behavior.
  • HB 887 proposes to require the division superintendent to ensure that expelled students receive educational services regardless of the offense that resulted in the expulsion.
  • HB 1080 proposes to extend miranda or similar warning rights to students suspected of serious code of conduct violations prior to questioning.
  • SB 167 proposes to require that parents be contacted prior to investigating and/or talking with students suspected of any code of conduct violation that may result in a suspension.

Consider contacting your Virginia General Assembly senator and/or delegate, if you have a strong opinion for or against any of the noted legislation.  

For a listing and contact information of Virginia General Assembly Senators refer to: http://apps.lis.virginia.gov/sfb1/Senate/TelephoneList.aspx

For a listing and contact information of Virginia General Assembly Delegates refer to: http://dela.state.va.us/dela/MemBios.nsf/MWebsiteTL?OpenView

Dr. Travis Burns, Ed.D. 


One comment on “Virginia General Assembly Legislative Session 2013 – Bills Related to Student Discipline

  1. Susan Emory
    December 15, 2012

    Again, the voice of those who have never taught or experienced the administrative role of running a school appear to be trying to destroy public education. I think our political representatives should ALL have to teach for a month, non-stop, do the lesson plans, grade all of the papers, and provide ALL discipline unsupported by others. This should happen before another bill is written and especially before another vote concerning education. Oh yes, and they should be judged on how well their students pass a test at the end of the month that they have not seen, written by people that do not teach, and with outdated materials that don’t support the rigor of the test.

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